Diana: The Real Reason Stores Are Pulling The Globe?

Rayelan Allan


Are they doing it to protect Kobe Bryant’s accuser? Or are they doing it to keep you from knowing that Prince Phillip was behind Diana’s murder?

The GLOBE tabloid is being pulled from many stores in the midwest part of the United States. It is unknown if the rest of the country will soon join these stores in removing the tabloid.

The reason given for removing the November 11th edition of the tabloid is that it published both a picture and the name of the woman that is accusing Kobe Bryant of rape.

This woman’s name and picture have been on the Internet for months. If anyone had been interested in finding out what she looked like or what her name is, they could have done it months ago.

The GLOBE claims they published her name and photograph at the urging of several women’s rights groups who asked them to do this. They failed to name the women’s rights groups!

However, there is another story in this edition of the GLOBE, and it is my belief that the stores are removing the GLOBE because of THIS article.

The headline on the uppermost right side screamed:

Crash plot uncovered

When you open the tabloid to page 16 you see these headlines

Was his grandfather behind the plot?

The article goes on to say that William…

STILL devastated over the death of his mother after six years, Prince William is determined to uncover the conspiracy he – believes led to her murder – even if it takes him straight to his own grandfather!

“I SHALL find the truth,” William vowed to friends.

The Globe article mentions the book that was released last week by Diana’s private butler, Paul Burrell:

In his blockbuster book, A Royal Duty, Burrell reprints the letter Diana wrote to him before her death, in which she said a car accident was being planned to “make the path clear” for Charles to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles.

In his book, Burrell published a photocopy of the letter Diana wrote to him in October of 1996:

Her fears caused her to write the note to him in October 1996. Before sealing the envelope addressed just to “Paul,” she told him, “I’m going to date this and I want you to keep it…just in case.”


According to palace insiders, the 21-year-old William is certain the men were inspired by the rants and raves of Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip, who saw Diana as a threat to the British monarchy.

In my book, Diana, Queen of Heaven, the New World Religion


I published an MI6 document which shows that Prince Phillip, referred to as Edinburgh, was behind the plot to murder Diana.


They planned and brought about the horrific car crash in Paris in 1997 that killed 36-year-old Diana, her Egyptian lover Dodi AI Fayed and their chauffeur Henri Paul.

The MI6 document shows that the Mercedes that Diana and Dodi were in the night they were killed had been stolen and altered to cause the accident. The following is from the MI6 document:

7. al Fayed Mercedes Limo stolen and returned with electronics missing. Reliable intel source confirms K_team involved. Source reports car rebuilt to respond to external radio controls. (Report filed)

Continuing from the GLOBE:

The men believed that they were acting with the approval of powerful figures in the political and industrial establishment, and senior members of the royal family, including Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

“The mean-tempered Duke was furious that Diana had taken Muslim lovers, including Dodi and her former beau, heart surgeon Hasnat Khan,” says one palace source.

“Philip is known to hate and deride people of color from Asia and the Middle East. When he’s had too much to drink, he’s been heard to curse and demean them. The prospect of Diana marrying Dodi, who would then be- come stepfather to the young princes, drove him into a rage.”

The MI6 document shows Prince Phillip’s hatred of Muslims:

Edinburgh (Prince Phillip _ed) sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure. Quote reported: “Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king,” Edinburgh. (Report filed)

Quoting the GLOBE article:

When the tome was serialized in The Daily Mirror, a national daily newspaper, the name of the person Diana believed was behind the scheme was blacked out.

But, say insiders, William has been told it reads, “Prince Philip.”

The EIR (Executive Intelligence Review — a LaRouche Intelligence Organization, published an editorial in which they named the three MI6 agents they believed were involved in Diana’s murder.



From the EIR article:

Sir David Spedding–Head of MI6–was ordered to organise the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales and her friend Dodi Al Fayed.

David Spedding died recently. I could not find an article about his death, sorry.

These are the 3 agents that were named by the EIR:

Richard David Spearman–Chief of staff for Sir David Spedding. He was given an assignment and moved to Paris two weeks prior to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed.

Nicholas John Andrew Langman–Principal assistant to Richard Spearman. He was also involved with Spedding in the murder.

Richard Billing Dearlove–the incoming Head of MI6 in September 1999–was in Paris two weeks before the Aug. 31, 1997 crash.

The GLOBE says of William:

“He is now sure that his mother lived in fear of a ruthless group of conspirators who believed that she was a danger to the British throne and was close to bringing down the monarchy.

“Whether his grandfather was one of the plotters or not, he can’t prove.

“But he believes that Philip wanted something to happen to Diana, and these political hit men took it from there.”

In the article written by the EIR, they mention an editorial written by the STAR tabloid.


PRINCESS Di was killed by British intelligence agents on orders from the top of the royal family, claim top_secret new bombshell documents.


The new GLOBE article ends with:

“William will get to the bottom of it – even if he has to personally poke his finger into
his granddad’s face and accuse him.”

Most of the information that is published in the GLOBE article has been known and published since 1998 or 1999. What makes the GLOBE article compelling is the recent SENSATIONAL release of NEW information about



This revelation by Gordon Thomas… a writer who I believe is only as good as his sources… but there is ample evidence outside of Gordon Thomas, which proves to me that the NSA tapes exist.

However, Thomas makes that claim there are “seven tapes. Each is the length of a Hollywood blockbuster. But if made public – say London intelligence sources – no movie could have their impact.”

Thomas says that Diana is now known to have made these tapes months before her death.

“The tapes were shot in March, 1997, five months before her death. Diana sat
before a VHS video camera in the main drawing room of her home, Kensington Palace,, and spoke in all for 12 hours over a period of ten days.”

Thomas says that “only one other person knew she had made the tapes, Dodi al-Fayed. His father, Mohammed al-Fayed, confirmed he wants the Royal Coroner, Dr Michael Burgess, to listen to the tapes – and compare them with the 1,050 intercepts NSA made later that year. ”

Mohammed al-Fayed has sued the NSA in order to receive copies of the tapes.

The fact that the GLOBE has re-published this information makes me think that the “war” I have talked about — the one between the Factions – may be getting ready to break out into the public.

It’s my belief that the Bush Administration could care less about the Queen and her problems. The Queen is only kept in place by the New World Order. Without the backing of the NWO, the monarchy in England would go the way of the rest of the world’s monarchies… in the dustbin of history!!

If the Bush administration releases the NSA tapes, will the NWO continue to back the English royal family, or will it allow the Royals to fall on their own swords?

It’s well known that the two factions of the CIA control the tabloids. It seems to me that the GLOBE has just fired a warning shot across the bow of the NWO. It will be interesting to see what else surfaces in the coming weeks!


One response to “Diana: The Real Reason Stores Are Pulling The Globe?

  1. The above is very interesting but the final comments are sadly off target:

    The CIA was formed by a consortia of SS elements including German Nazi and probably more directed by England’s SS than generally credited. And, from my travels, I have concluded that MI6 guides/directs CIA activities…

    Thus, if the royal family can dictate policy to MI6, it is them, and not Bush who ultimately may be deciding the fates of ‘nations’, ‘corporations’, and those currently being targeted for genocide.

    There is also the matter of 9/11, Prince Phillip’s masonic involvement and the amazing esoteric correspondences (70 in all) between 9/11 and Hitler’s Reichstag fire.

    And, let us not forget the royal support enjoyed by Hitler (even chosen for his role as Fuhrer by a grandson of Queen Victoria)

    So, who rules? Who enjoys (and is energized by) the destructions wreaked upon this planet that always affect hurt the poor and peoples of color most? Who delights in keeping all the insane destructions and the deception machine to disguise it going?

    My money is on King Phillip… yes, King Phillip. He has only been a prince to those who are still blind to the Temple Elite their games of dominion.

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