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Shocking New Developments In Supreme Court vs. Homeowners Case

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America has been reacting with overwhelming revulsion over the past two days to the Supreme Court’s decision that local governments can force property owners to sell out and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public, even if the property is not blighted, and the new project’s success is not guaranteed.

However, shocking details that cast this entire farce in its true light have flown under the radar of mainstream media reports.

Those details came to the fore today during an interview on The Alex Jones Show, nationally syndicated on the Genesis Communications Radio Network, on which Michael Cristofaro, one of the New London Connecticut homeowners fighting the unconstitutional decision, appeared as a guest.

Cristofaro’s family have lived in New London for forty two years and the city had already previously seized his first home by imminent domain in 1971.

Cristofaro related a series of actions by local government officials and their hired New London Development Corporation thugs that amount to nothing less than outright intimidation, harassment and extortion.

These include;

– An insulting offer of $60,000 from the government on a home worth $215,000. The government would condemn the house years in advance then offer a pittance for it.

– Unannounced visits to Cristofaro’s elderly parent’s home demanding they sign a contract to hand over their property.

– Intimidating and harassing phone calls at all hours of the day.

– Parking bulldozers and wrecking balls outside the houses pointing at the property with threats of “your house is next.”

– Revving the engines of the bulldozers outside the houses in the early morning hours of the morning. Just picture that for a second, revving bulldozers while threatening old people to sign papers handing over their home.

– Cristofaro’s mother becoming distraught and suffering a heart attack after being served with condemnation papers that said she no longer owned her property and had ninety days to leave.

– A death bed plea from a 93-year-old resident begging “what about my house, what about my house?” The man had been living in his home for 80 years. The contractors would park construction vehicles on his property, make his house literally shake and would, Waco-style, shine bright floodlights into his home as his blind wife cowered in fear.

– A threat to charge residents back rent if they lost the case, effectively meaning the homeowners will have to pay the city to be kicked out of their own homes. One resident, William von Winkle (pictured above), would owe the city $200,000 in back rent.

– When the Supreme Court decision was made on Thursday, the city had police cruisers and a fire truck casing the neighborhood because they feared the residents would riot. “What were they planning on doing? Hosing us down?” stated Cristofaro.

– Real Estate agents paid by the government to force residents to sign contracts to hand over their homes were on an $8,000 commission to get the signatures by any means possible.

– William von Winkle’s apartment tenants were forcibly evicted and locked out from their homes in the early morning hours during winter with snow on the ground, before the city even owned the property. Von Winkle had to break back into his own apartment block to prevent his tenants from freezing to death.

Cristofaro said 75 different families, most elderly and sick, were subject to this brutal torment.

This website telephoned several of Cristofaro’s neighbors in the area and they confirmed that they had also been subjected to this persecution.

Imagine if your neighbour hired a bulldozer, parked it outside your house, and started revving it up and threatening to demolish your property if you didn’t sign a document and hand your home over to him. He’d go to jail but the city government can do it to elderly people and the Supreme Court backs them up every inch of the way.

The Supreme Court also ruled twice in the past that blacks weren’t human beings, are we supposed to just blindly follow their every dictate or should we stand up and fight these robber barons?

Cristofaro compared the situation to living in the Soviet Union. “Welcome to Russia,” he stated, “that’s what it feels like, you have no rights, the US Supreme Court just took away our property rights.”

Alex Jones drew the analogy of Mafia tactics in assessing how the city government had treated the New London residents.

“These corporations come in and pay off city council members and then they come and steal your land and don’t even pay you what it’s worth.”

“You take my cousin Luigi, you put him on as a store manager, you pay him $30,000 a year or we’re gonna burn your business down.”

“It’s extortion ladies and gentlemen, it’s racketeering.”

Jones compared the activities to the Godfather movie, where the individual is given an ‘offer he can’t refuse’ and told “sign the contract or your brains are going to be on it.”

Cristofaro described the bulldozers aggressively revving their engines in front of the houses.

“Can you imagine seeing these big bulldozers pointing at your house revving their engines and you see a little smoke stack up on top of the little lid opening and closing with all that black smoke billowing. And all they’d do is rev it for about five or ten minutes, turn it off, turn it back on then they’d raise the front of the bulldozer.”

The New London residents plan to fight the government to the bitter end and are currently pursuing numerous different legal options.

Support these brave residents in their stance against the New London city Mafia government and the New London Development Corporation. E mail this news article to all the radio hosts, World Net Daily, the Drudge Report, all the TV news stations, your Congressmen and Senators. The mainstream media ignored the very worst aspects of the case, the Soviet style harassment and intimidation of the New London homeowners. Demand that they bring these details to their reader’s attention.

Click here to listen to the full MP3 interview from today’s show.




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