Ron Paul Discusses a Message of Peace on Bill Maher

Trevor Perry | The T.R.U.T.H. Project

Wether it’s in front of his Republican base or a left of center audience like Real Time With Bill Maher, Ron Paul is getting accustomed to warm greetings and a rowdy applause every occasion he is allowed to speak. Dr. Paul whistled a familiar tune when he reiterated his beliefs on foreign policy and the state of the Republican Party, as well as a prediction that Rudy “I survived 9/11 and got rich off of it, how you like me now?” Giuliani would apologize as long as he did the homework prescribed by the Doctor.

After a cynical first encounter with the Bill Maher in late March, the TV host had a chance to catch Dr. Paul in action during the first Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library. Paul’s shining performance and brief encounter with Giuliani changed Maher’s attitude the second time around, referring to Ron Paul as his hero and giving him almost eight minutes of airtime on tonight’s broadcast. Our next President received no rebuttal as he asserted a message of peace and non-intervention.

Paul again referred to the potential of ‘blowback’ from operations carried out by criminal elements cloaked in the name of the United States, such as the overthrowing of Mohammad Mossadeq, the pro-American, democratically elected leader of Iran, in 1953. He rebutted theattack against him in the federal media which attempted to spin his words into a belief that American’s had caused or possibly even deserved the attack, by making it clear that foreign policy was to blame.

Ron Paul made a reference to hypocrisy in the Neo-Republican Party, saying they only speak about small government and classical conservative values, while executing an almost imperialistic foreign policy. Referring to himself as the peace candidate, Dr. Paul stated that only by example could the neo-con mantra of spreading democracy be effectively carried out.

Although he could have taken it one step further by saying what the empirical evidence clearly shows, that his party is being destroyed by design, Ron Paul plays ball and merely says it has lost it’s way, when questioned, ‘what has happened to the Republicans?’ by Maher. A wise strategy on the part of the doctor, stating the truth while still working within the paradigm of a sleepy nation.

A pile of support on either end of the political spectrum is a boost of hope in the effort to defeat whatever figurehead is chosen by the multinational goon-squad, aka the New World Order.


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