Ron Paul Joins Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Trevor Perry | The T.R.U.T.H. Project

Ron Paul hit another home run tonight when he sat down with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. The audience for the show is typically tough on conservatives and their views but gave Congressman Paul several warm cheers, starting off with a round of applause when he attributed his campaign success to ‘a good message’ of liberty and spreading democracy by example, not force. Ron Paul even received kind words from the host, saying he had ‘consistent – principled integrity’.

Domestically Ron Paul discussed reducing the size of government but that we would need a transition period due to taught-dependence.

Calling Haliburton part of the military-industrial complex, Ron Paul goes on to explain  to Jon the difference between corporatism, companies that benefit from government largess, and legalizing competition to government institutions like the post office, letting the market decide which is best.

As Ron Paul continues to give concise and unwavering responses to questions while promoting the forgotten-document once known as the Constitution, his popularity continues to flourish on either end of the political spectrum.


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