Conservative Groups Successfully Leverage Internet – Amnesty Bill Derailed (For Now)

Jim Capo

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The globalists at the NYT’s International Herald Tribune conceded yesterday that grass-roots Americans where indeed successful in fending off the latest attempt in the U.S. Senate to pass an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.

Follow this link to the source article: “Grass-roots activism derailed U.S. immigration bill

How did Americans who care about their country do it? They leveraged the power of the Internet.

Here is how the NYT/IHT put it:

Organizers described a new Internet-linked national constituency that emerged among Republicans, much like the one that Democrats pioneered during the presidential candidacy in 2004 of Howard Dean.

Of course, before getting to that observation deep into the article on the Senate’s amnesty plan, in the opening paragraphs the NYT tells us:

Public opinion polls, including a New York Times/CBS News Poll conducted last month, showed broad support among Americans for the bill’s major provisions.

Apparently, what is happening in our country is that only people on the Internet are against most of what what our government is up to. All other American’s generally agree that what the NYT says is true.

Like the Ron Paul wave on the Internet, the major media is struggling here to get the facts in line with their editorial slant. The NYT/IHT corporate newsletter staff would like to paint the illegal immigration debate as grass-roots Americans in polo shirts, who don’t know what’s best for them, against the like of eminently qualified directors of David Rockefeller’s Council of the Americas.

The NYT/IHT staffers would also like everyone to believe that the local government land use planners and Sierra Club members at Numbers USA and population control and planned parenthood advocates at FAIR are part of some vast right-wing conspiracy against sane immigration policy.

Here is what is really happening: At this late hour, Americans of all persuasions are realizing they have to get active in the political process if they want to preserve their livelihoods and way of life. The amnesty battle is not so much a fight of conservatives against liberals as it is, as Lou Dobbs puts it, a fight of Americans against our ruling elite.

What is keeping us in the game is that we are all figuring out how to leverage the power of information technology to make a difference.

End notes:

If you go to the Herald Tribune article and look in the background of the lead photo, you will note that even Mosesof all people, made a cameo appearance to help defeat the amnesty drive. Cecil B. DeMille explains why.

For the conspiracy minded: Today’s lead story in NYT’s International Herald Tribune is, Barroso waves off notion of ‘United States of Europe.’ Note the file structure for where the EU based story is stored in the NYT database:

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