CNN Draws New Afghani Borders

Trevor Perry

Active ImageThe Department of Education celebrated a tremendous success in the deliberate “dumbing-down” of American citizens when it’s efforts manifested on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

I frequently reference, in my political discussions, the simplest yet most affective form of propaganda. Although such a primitive trick would seem ineffective it’s not hard to imagine how and why the slight of hand goes unabridged. How, you ask? Well, ask your neighbor to find Iran on a map. The afore mentioned trick – calling anything under the sun Al-Qaeda. Examples:

  • Shi’ite (the opposite of Sunni-based-Al-Qaeda) restitance to occupation
  • Insurgent response to attacks by real Sunni Groups – funded by America
  • People who don’t pay taxes
  • The reason your car broke down

But I digress. I’ve skipped past my original subject – The middle east, maps, and dumb Americans. No I don’t hate America, don’t send me emails. So in order to undue some of the by-design destruction of your gray matter, I will give you a quick Geography lesson.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure where Afghanistan is located, I can assure you one place it is not…Active Image
…in Syria. Rather, the supposed homeland of the best all-elusive enemy money can buy is 3 countries east of where CNN has decided it should be. Although I am not the first or only person to report on this little mishap, I fear that it – for the most part – will go unnoticed. Want proof? Ask your neighbor to find Afghanistan on a map.


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