Oklahoma City Mayor Calls for North American Union

Adam Rott | Oklahoma Corridor Watch

“If we can have but three nations and one economy,” said Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornettt “I think it would be much easier for us to solve a lot of the social problems with the end migration.”

These remarks came in a video interview at the 2004 United States Conference of Mayors which was held in Boston, for which Mayor Cornett was describing the development of Oklahoma City. The Conference of Mayors is, according to their website, “the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more,” and has been in existence since 1932.

This signifies how local governments across the nation are either moving forward with, or directly supporting, the economic integration of North America, also called the North American Union. While such a pursuit may seem like the stuff of conspiracy theories, it is increasingly becoming more apparent that our government, with the direct support of private sector participants, is building a union in North America comparable to the European Union.

Mayor Cornett went on to say in the video that since Oklahoma City is situated on along I-35, which is “really apart of that NAFTA Corridor,” the potential for economic development on a global scale is a real possibility. I-35 received the NAFTA Superhighway designation by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1995, and there are currently plans by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to expand I-35 into a 10-lane, multi-modal corridor in the Oklahoma City area.

The sovereignty and democratic process of our State and the Union are coming under increasing fire from groups who are advocating a more “regional” approach to governance, and our elected officials at all levels, seem to not care about the ramifications of “economic integration,” nor are they involving the public whom they’re meant to serve in the process of deciding the course for our future.

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