Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies

JBS | Bill Hahn

Practicing family attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and dirty tricks motivated by federal funding.

Every year thousands of families are forcibly separated from their children based on unsubstantiated or outright false allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a practicing constitutional and family law attorney in Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare has only begun.

Children in child protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded, brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of The New American magazine.

Hession’s articles highlight true stories of families who have been targeted by CPS agencies. All the families discussed are Hession’s clients.

Hession writes that state CPS agencies continually yank children out of good, loving homes based on flimsy allegations of child abuse. He asserts that the child protection business generates so much money, and employs so many social workers, therapists, lawyers and other professionals, that it needs a steady flow of cases to keep all of these workers employed. In Mass., the cost of these state services totals into the billions of dollars, which the state can leverage to obtain prodigious quantities of federal reimbursement monies.

In 2005, more than 3.3 million reports involving 6 million children were made to state child-abuse hot lines. The vast majority of these eventually proved to be untrue. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services show 40 percent of allegations are initially screened out. Of the remaining 60 percent, nearly two-thirds of child-abuse investigations are unsubstantiated. Yet, more than 500,000 children are currently in foster care and another 300,000 or so are forcibly removed from their homes by the system every year.

Hession states that genuine child abuse obviously does exist and those involved in its practice need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. However, he writes that most people would likely disagree with CPS in how it defines abuse or neglect. Families are attacked for home-schooling or spanking their children, for not overseeing all play activities, or for when a child has an accident. Only a small percentage of the 3.3 million reported cases annually prove to be genuine abuse, and the system does a bad job of sorting it out.

The articles conclude that millions of children are imperiled by this imperious, abusive CPS system, which works quietly without much public scrutiny. Change will likely come only when the cruelties have been exposed, and the public reaffirms that raising children is the responsibility of families, not the state.


26 responses to “Family Attorney Blows the Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies

  1. Thank you sweet Jesus! (No I am not overly religious, just totally disgusted)

    The federal funding Title IV needs to be stopped, Child Protective Services have destroyed way to many families for these incentives!

    Sole custody is another area that needs to be addressed under the Title IV federal funding, or there will not be a functioning future generation.

    As it stands right now our children are either taken by “child anything but protective services” or given to one parent or the other in custody cases to “label” one parent a Non Custodial Parent which generates funding as well!

    Our children are then put onto medication because they can not deal with the separation from the parent(s) they love, thereby generating money to the big pharma Co’s.

    Most of this destruction begins with false accusations often by a dysfunctional vengeful parent.

    It’s high time that the public opens thier eyes to what is really going on with what will be our future generation, our children are being destroyed for money on all levels!

  2. Debbie Flores

    My granddaughter was stolen by CPS due to a false allegation and then neglected and abused in Foster Care. CPS was aware of the fact that she needed medical attention and instead of getting it for her they hid her from us.

    We called an investigative reporter and he got us a vistitation with her and yes she was in dire need of medical attention. We have it on video tape, and pix’s.

    It is a real long story. Yes, CPS lies, uses false allegations in order to keep your child and adopt out. I have videos, audio recordings and pix’s to prove that they lie and cover up.

    I managed to get temp placement of my granddaughter with me due to the lies and pix’s that we had. The Judge caught the CPS worker flat out lying in court on May 31st 2007.

    The CPS Investigator that took the baby was also caught lying in court.

    I am looking for an attorney to sue CPS when this is over. I am in State of Texas.

    Can you help me?

  3. Debbie Andolino

    My granddaughter was stolen by CPS on a false allegation and then neglected and abused in Foster Care. CPS was aware of the fact that she needed medical attention and instead of getting her medical attention the CPS Caseworker, Lisa Austin cancelled my daughters visitations in hopes that my daughter would not find out.

    At every previous visitation my granddaughter was getting sicker and sicker, severly sunburned at the visitation previous to this one.

    We she was told two times in one week that “the Case Aid fogot the baby” we called an investigative reporter and he was able to get my daughter a vistitation with my granddaughter and yes she was in dire need of medical attention. We have it on video tape, and pictures.

    It is a real long story. Yes, CPS lies and uses false allegations amonst other methods in order to keep your child and adopt out. I have videos, audio recordings and pix’s to prove that they lie and cover up, have no intentions of ever giving your child back, just adopting out!

    I managed to get temp placement of my granddaughter with me due to the pix’s that we had. The CPS Caseworker lied in court to the Judge stating that my granddaughter had received medical attention when she hadn’t. The Judge did catch her lying that is how I got my granddaughter.

    The CPS Investigator that took my granddaughter used false allegations to take her and presented them in court as if she had seen the lies herself. When she was put on the stand she admitted to the Judge that she did not see any of those things.

    What this reporter is reporting is true! It happened to us. In fact it is still happening.

  4. Debbie Andolino

    False allegations are also being made out of just plain spite. Ours was made by the babies aunt after having an argument with the babies father (her brother).

  5. Susan Fretwell

    The Fremont County Colorado DHS stole my 3 children from my husband and I over a year ago and gave them to my lesbian mother and her ‘partner’. I do have an attorney, but he isn’t doing much. I don’t want my kids raised in a lesbian household. I was and I have severe depression and anxiety! I was also physically abused by some of my mother’s many ‘lovers’. Also the judge involved in this case is a known lesbian and there are many lesbians in this corrupt county. The Social Services caseworker didn’t even let me see my kids for Easter or take them to church,when I have NEVER been accused of abusing them! My case is based on the fact that my son, who was 2 at the time, was left outside for a mere 30 seconds, and a nosey neighbor called The Fremont County CO Dept.of Human Services. It took them 6 months (with plenty of ‘help’ from my mother and her partner) to invent a case against us. In April of 2007, my attorney has informed my husband and I that the children’s Guardian Ad Litem had hired a private investigator who had supposedly seen my husband drinking. Is this even legal? This is pushing the boundaries of government spying to a new level! One of our ‘caseworkers’ also distorted, I mean reported, that she had seen my husband drinking at the bowling alley (he bowls every Monday night). Our case is only a dependancy/neglect. I feel that the government is taking this way too far. I do plan on attending the rally in Washington DC on August 18 to help put an end to abuses by Child Protective Services! Please help me or refer me to somebody who can.

  6. Deborah McLean

    My daughter once asked me to watch her son while she went for a job. Unexpectedly, I became ill and asked for help with my grandson. This is when the nightmare began. My daughter called me a couple of times saying “why do they keep calling my jobs; I just lost another job mom!” She kept losing their jobs; then they recommended that she go into a woman’s shelter where they did their dirty work. They framed her and said that she kicked her son so hard he flew across the room. She was against slapping him, so this didn’t even make sense, especially when the police came and had to walk away because his was as clean as a clean white sheet of paper, every spot on him. So then they came up with another scheme. They decided that they would frame her where she visited her son and they got her to admit that she left him alone for 7 mins. and that if she did, that she would get her baby back sooner. They, of course used it against her. First of all, how can it be neglect if there was someone there supervising? They set you up for failure. They are stealing these children. The most natural thing in the world is being broken up; and my daughter finally gave up realizing that no matter how hard she tried, some caseworker had already framed her. She had a nervous breakdown before she turned to drugs; always crying because she couldn’t handle the pain. They wouldn’t give him to me using a false report. I went in to resolve this and they lied right there in court. I was sure I had proved that they lied and the judge (who was a very young girl) sided with cps knowing what the truth really was, if she was really a judge. I still visit my grandson and it’s been over three and a half years. They keep trying to eliminate my visits, but I am still hanging on. I told my grandson privately that as long as these people will let me be at my visits, I will always come. He said “I know grandma!” There have been many people that would supervise for the purpose of being false witnesses. I think they keep seeing the love between my grandson and I and they just keep disappearing and I think they just disgusted with the system.

    If they would eliminate the incentive for these funds, they wouldn’t be doing this. This is why I am going to the Rally on August 18, 2007 (google search dcrally2007). There will be thousands there on that date. Walter Mondale said years ago, that the passing of the Adoption & Safe Families Act could be a problem. He should have stopped this back then.
    See you all at the rally.

  7. Susan Lindsley

    I will leave a brief summary of the horrific trauma my children have endured at the hands of the Summit County, Ohio Children’s Services Board. My 5 children were kidnapped by this agency and held hostage for 3 months. Why? Because a “concerned person” made a call to children’s services that my daughter was sleepy at school. A caseworker visited our home, and found no problem, and closed the case as unfounded. Then, 2 months later the same person called again, and a 2nd caseworker came to visit me. The caseworker visited several times during business hours when I was not at home. She refused to speak to my attorney, and filed a complaint in Juveille Court, which alleged that I had a methamphetemine lab in my home. This statement was soley based upon the caseworker’s statement that I had an air conditioner running in my window. Apparently, people who manufacture drugs use air conditioners for ventilation. Remember… originally the caller complained my daughter was sleepy. The first caseworker ALREADY found nothing wrong, after inspecting the home from top to bottom. Nobody had ever accused me of using or selling drugs, or for that matter, of abusing my children in any way.
    So an ex parte hearing was held, and the judge gave CSB emergency custody. A ruling based soley upon lies, errors, intentional omissions and complete fabrications with no opportunity for me to be heard.
    The state held my children hostage for 3 months before I was allowed to speak. After my hearing, the judge simply dismissed the whole thing and my children were returned to me as if nothing had ever happened.
    The system is terribly flawed. It allowed the Children’s Services to kidnap and permanently traumatize my children for NO REASON WHATSOEVER with NO EVIDENCE and NO OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO BE HEARD. Now my children are suffering from panic attacks, post tramatic stress syndrome, and my youngest daughter has developed a habit of chewing compulsively on herself. It is like we are living in Nazi Germany, and the SS can swoop down at any moment and take them away. Their childhoods have been stolen. They cannot sleep at night. My 15 year old daughter says that the only thing she has learned from this experience is that adults cannot be trusted. They lie, make up stories, and decieve you. How sad. This agency was estabished to protect children. Whatever has happened alond the way, we need to fix it.

  8. Blows the Whistle on Gregory Hession
    Suzanne Shell Brags that She personally, will not go to bat for anyone who won’t give her (MRs.Shell) access to all the documentation available, And Taking anyone’s word for anything in an online group is about the most stupid thing anyone could do. so This Means that Attorney Gregory A. Hession Has Given All Confendital information about Evelyn Treadwell To Convicted play Lawyer Mrs.Suzanne Shell as Mrs. shell is stepping up to plate on behalf of Attorney Gregory A. Hession and Said that she knows Greg. and He was Her (Mrs. shell) lawyer see Below.
    well Now If the attorney (Gregory A. Hession) disclosed confidential information to his buddy concerning a case, This is a violation of his duty Is that a breach of ethics? Yes.??

    Dear All:

    Evelyn Treadwell has posted messages around the internet about her guardianship case involving a little girl she was caring for. She lost the case, and the child was returned to the natural mother. She has blamed everyone but herself for the outcome, most especially me, her lawyer.

    But she is not telling you why she lost the case. She did something so dishonest and underhanded that the judge said, “The Court finds the behavior of the guardian to be OUTRAGEOUS.” Here is a brief review of what happened.

    Evelyn started caring for the young child of a friend who used drugs and danced at strip joints. The mother left her with Evelyn for long stretches, and was irresponsible. Evelyn eventually became the legal guardian of the child. However, Mom finally claimed to get her “act together” and wanted the child back. Evelyn understandably had a hard time with that because the child was attached to her. Evelyn wouldn’t budge about letting the mother back into the child’s life, so the mother filed a motion in family court to vacate the guardianship.

    Meanwhile, without telling the mother, Evelyn filed a separate petition for adoption of the child in the same court. She told the court that she did not know where the mother was, and asked for notice by “publication”. (That is where they put a “legal notice” in the paper, in the fine print no one sees or reads.) Evelyn actually did find out where the mother was during the “publication” period, and saw the mother at several hearings on the guardianship case, but NEVER TOLD HER ABOUT THE ADOPTION CASE involving her child.

    Then I came on as counsel, and she did not tell me about the adoption either. Nor did she tell the court the cases were linked, and the busy judge didn’t spot the overlap.

    Since the mother didn’t know about the adoption, and didn’t come forward to contest it, the adoption of the child was granted by default. The mother only found out when Evelyn told her that she was now the adoptive mother. I found out after that. When the judge realized he had been duped, he was RIPPED. He quickly vacated his previous adoption order, calling what Evelyn did “OUTRAGEOUS”.

    Even so, I stayed on as lawyer, and still tried to help Evelyn keep the child, based on her claims that the biological mother was unfit. The judge appointed all kinds of investigators and lawyers to check out the mom and the child. I hired a private detective to follow her. The Mom checked out in every way as being fit. Evelyn was heartbroken.

    But instead of working with the mom to stay involved with the child, Evelyn dug in her heels. If she had worked something out, Evelyn could have had a close and continuing relationship with the child as honorary “aunt”. But she would not – it was all or nothing. At that point, I withdrew as lawyer, and she got another one. She lost the guardianship case, which was predictable if a parent is fit.

    Then Evelyn started attacking me. She complained to the State Bar overseers, who dismissed her complaint. Next came waves of internet attacks, without ever mentioning her secret adoption case, which is what started the case going sour.

    Some others have taken up Evelyn’s cause, and posted messages criticizing me, without getting the facts. A person calling herself “Mark”, (who I understand is really Renee), has even gone beyond that, and attempted to stir up a lot of strife over all kinds of things. I have never met her or talked with this “Mark”. No one mentions Evelyn’s secret adoption trick. That would put a very different spin on the story.

    For anyone who has been moved by the apparent injustice of Evelyn’s story, the information here will bring some balance. To anyone who still insists on stirring up strife and criticizing someone she doesn’t know, please reconsider the honesty and morality of making false allegations, and what harm is done to others by lies.

    Gregory A. Hession J.D.

  9. i had to think on this one and my qwestion still remains unanwsered,i asked and in my opinion why did this attorney Give Convicted play lawyer Suzanne Shell Private and confidintal information about Evelyn Treadwell Suzanne Shell has said on her group and “Brags that She personally, will not go to bat for anyone who won’t give her (MRs.Shell) access to all the documentation available, And Taking anyone’s word for anything in an online group is about the most stupid thing anyone could do” and however greg puts Evelyn Treadwell down and talks bad about her and about her sneeky underhanded trick If true i dont know, but what i do know that you can go into that court house and use the court house computer and type in his clients name and get all the case,s at hand and if your to lazy or busy to do it yourself You hire a Gofer or a courer and they do the courthouse dance for you and bring back copies of any case you need, and greg does know the gofer dance dont he? and he calls himself a attorney? Remember now take my words with a grain of salt,as everything That i typed here is in my opinion

  10. Joelle Davidson

    For: Debbie Andolino~~
    if you are the one,,,, that I worked with,,,we knew each other through Kelly McQuaide…….please contact me……..I have been trying to find you.
    Joelle Davidson

  11. I would like to know how you can keep my two year daughter and not my three year old. The three year old has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The state has my three year old sense she was three weeks old. I have not harmed my two beautiful girls. I need help badly. They have terminated my parenting rights on my three old daughter. Now that her older sister is not coming around anymore it hurts me and her younger sister and daddy and our family. HELP!!!!

  12. hello i was reading your story an my kids was taken from me my case was all messed up my oldest had a hand print on her butt so cps asked all my kids doe’s mommy hit you they all said no the foster worker told me brandie we no you didnt leave the mark an they new i wouldnt hurt my kids but after that the foster work keep finding more more reasons why i couldnt have my kids cps even stated to make stuff up so i couldnt have them back i never delet with cps befor this the foster worker even said a lot of times that he was gonna take my youngest baby home with him then they had a hearing to take my rights a appealed it well i was waiting to no what will happen with the appeal they went behind my back an let the foster mom adopted them i didnt get papers not even a phone call i happend to call the foster worker one day an he told me i didnt have to call him no more i asked why an thats when he told me what happend its just fishy to me him an the foster mom are all buddy buddy i called he a few weeks ago an he said oh the kids are doing good an then he said i have a friend that lives on the same block as your kids an he is watching there house to see if you go over there i dont understand how that is possiable my cell phone number is 1-304-741-0463 if you can help me or no someone that can please call me soon as you can thank you it would be better to reach me on my cell i dont really us my email i just have it to have

  13. Colorado mother needs help My 2 children was taking from me about 6 mths ago.My daughter ran away 3 times that was very upsetting and stressful to me We found her and have police reports.I was told by my teenagers guardian -attorney that the court appointed .He told me that him and socialworker and the DA wants to give them back to me .but on the other hand I have a pending child abuse case against me .That case is not solve as of yet .I’m looking for a new home for me and my children .right now I’m not in the same state as my teenagers are in .because of job They want let me talk to them over the phone because the case worker says that it up set them and pending child abuse case .Thay said the step father can not be in the same home with my teenagers . I keep calling to talk to my children and send cards . Will the court grant a mother back her children back …
    What shall I do to get my children back ? The case worker left a message and said they was filing for adoption .Is there a place where I can check and stop the adoption for taking place?

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  15. Wow, someone actually GETS it! We parental rights advocates have been screaming this from the rooftops and no one is listening! Do not think for 1 minute that it cannot happen to you. It can and it will. All it takes is for 1 person to have a grudge against you and you will be plunged in a living nightmare, the likes of what you have never seen before! They’re corrupt and out of control. They remove children from safe homes and leave the truly abused kids in their homes. They fail children and families on every level. No money is given to real parents who are struggling to pay the bills yet foster care providers (note I said providers and NOT parents here) are supposed to be able to financially care for these children independent of social services yet they get approximately $900/month PER child, foodstamps, WIC, AND Medicaid which covers prescriptions (they’re all heavily medicated), doctor bills, ER bills (for when they attempt suicide from the psychotropic meds OR they’re badly abused by the foster care providers), dentist bills AND vision. Yet parents can’t get so much as a dime!

    Oh, they’re given services, of course. They forced to take multiple parenting classes, which always contradict each other, anger management, conflict resolution, drug/alcohol counseling regardless if it’s even an issue and drug/alcohol tests. They forced to take state-run psychological testing (multiple times if the first one doesn’t say what they want it to say). Yet here are fosters living high on the hog, sitting on their collective butts, draining the system and social services lets them do it. After all, they’re God’s gift to little babies.

    I don’t know what it’s going to take to stop these corrupt CPS agencies but apparently we’re not doing something right cos no one is listening to us.

  16. Mr. Hession,

    My hat is off to you. I know you still represented her but at least you have the decency to come on here to DEFEND the natural mother to this child. Thank you for not employing dirty tricks against her. She had enough trouble as it was without the other side’s attorney running her into the group with more lies, more conjecture and speculation. If she was deemed to be a “fit” parent, then by law the child needed to be returned to her care. This adoptive mother had no right to do what she did and thank God the judge found out. I’m just still baffled as to why she was not found and jailed on contempt of court and/or perjury.

    Biological parents (and I hate that term) have a hard enough time without being lied on by the “other” side. It seems like the more we do, the more we’re required to do. You would do us a much bigger favor here by taking our cases, pro bono if you have to. Otherwise, we’ll lose our children because there’s too much money to be made by adopting them out of foster care.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Alexander

  17. my name is land. I live here in canton,ohio. I have 2 kids, both of my kids are in foster care. I have been fighting for my kids since last year. cps has to be stop. cps need a lot of there funding cut. my case worker she tell lies. we need to all come together to stop cps. cps need to be ban for ever. Im trying to start a support group to help families. my kids have marks on them. the whole case plan is all a big joke. I would like anyone in ohio to send me a e-mail. we have to fight for our rights & kids. lets not give up on our kids. it is up to us to stop cps

  18. i seek justice against two states, florida, missouri!
    is there a lawyer willing but mostly brave enough to file suit & criminal charges for our family for justice? someone please help us file soon before its too late!

  19. Billy Wiseman misses the point entirely. I just watched Gregory A. Hession at the rally on You Tube and was totally appalled. I could hardly believe the stories I heard. If they are true, I commend Mr. Hession and all those who work to expose these evil (yes, evil) deeds against children, parents and families. This wrongful government interference deserves much more attention than it is getting. Is there a national organization raising awareness of this? If there hasn’t been already, there needs to be an investigative report on national television. Somehow it seems many of us have been lulled into sleep instead of standing up against this injustice. Who else will speak up for the little ones, helpless and vulnerable? and for young families who fall victim to attacks of government agencies?

  20. Penny Hickey, Vandala, Ill

    Recently DCFS took our child which is our granddaughter that we adopted. She went to the babtsitters house on the 8/31/09. She brought her home and said she had a bruise on her face, the scool said it was appeared to be a hand on her face, what the babysitter didnt tell me is she turned it in and she was allowed to go in the room with my child to be checked all over, the next day on she called again and told them they needed to come back to the school and look at her again because she had more bruises and she knew knew they werent there the day before cause she was there. they come back out and found a couple of real little briuses that she could of gotten from anywhere. DCFS has never said anything about the babysitter calling or that they allowed her to go in ther room while they checked her without clothes, instead of calling the parent. They took my child and allowed a neice to take her out of state without doing the back ground check and homestudy. they were told that they let this person to take my child out of state with someone who had lost her 2 children months before and her boyfriend had 6 to 9 domistic voilences against him. while she was on her way out of state a friend had called me and said she had heard the babysitters son had touched other little girls and it might not hurt to ask her shes only 6, she wascasked and she said yes and said the boys name hes 16. what had happened he had touched her that very day and she had a rape test done and it was postive that she had been. because they allowed her to go back to the babysitters house and they couldnt tell me they allowed her to go in the room while she was being checked for bruises and just let a minor go across 3 state lines without doing the proper clearence they said she wasnt touched and let this boy go. since then they have charged my husband for the bruises and me for neglect. wont give us a good attorney, instead he dosent even know what he is doing. they took an excellent homestudy that we had done when we adopted this child and allowed to change everything around on it to make us look bad and allowed to open up sealed adoption papers and use the info any way they feel free to do. AND THEN HAD THE NERVE TO TELL MY CHILD SHE WAS LYING BECAUSE IT DIDNT HAPPEN TO HER. WHERE THE HELL IS THE JUSTICE FOR THIS CHILD.

  21. WHen you leave a messsage please leave emails and phone numbers.

    I am here in Benton County Missouri. I am trying to get people across the nation to write a sworn statement on their issues with CPS.DHS, family courts etc. Our civil rights have been violated long enough. Federal funding is no excuse for case workers to lie and destroy families. They took my money, my child and now coming for my house.

    Robert Gipson 660-723-4044
    facebook is 22casey or search by yahoo email which is
    also google ” Iraq vet goes to congress”

  22. CPS is filled with under-trained, under-educated, and in many cases totally unqualified people. Many of the workers have criminal histories. They have abuse in their past. They lie to take children. They falsify evidence to take children. They do far more harm to children and families than they do good. They leave a trail of teas and destruction in their path. All in the name of money and power. It’s money at the upper levels and power at the lower levels. CPS cannot be fixed. It must be torn down, rebuilt with more qualified people and laws must be changed to allow parents to sue workers that do wrong.

  23. I live here in canton ohio. I have 2 kids both of my kids are in foster care. Im still fighting for my 2 kids. cps is all about money & lies. I would like to let everyone know. I feel very bad because when my kids was taken away from me. I did not know my rights. My kids are in foster care suffering. I would like to tell everyone look online for information. I still hurt deep down inside. we have to all come together. we need to start a organization here in ohio. I would like for anyone to send me a e-mail we have to keep fighting for all of our kids & rights

  24. I cannot read this because of the background !!! But we need more open knowledge like this because it is the utter truth. C piss Is EVIL. They terrorize, they intrude they are guilty.They need to be stopped. WE the people need to HELP we the people. Stop being controlled by divisions from the government, race , color and creed. STOP! You are playing into the hands of the government , the top 2 % of this entire world.

  25. I am a victim of cps I grew up sexually abused batterd hospitalized and emotionaly dameged in foster homes 15 of them to be exact and then adopted to a family who allowed one of my adopted brothers to molest me then when I said something they removed me from the home and placed me back in the system where I spent all but more painfull years in the system forced to be medicated and now they have my four daughters and refuse to give them back and I am not being acused of neglect or abuse and the courts are still allowing them to keep my girls its been a little past a year and they are now trying to terminate my rights next month is there no justice for me and my girls who beg me every visitation to come home?

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