George Washington was a Fascist Nazi Dictator?

Mark Lowry | American Chronicle

Lexington Kentucky Anti-American left-wing Herald-Leader newspaper, like most mainstream media promotes more open borders and loss of American Sovereignty. They continue to favor illegal alien invasion and destruction of the American Middle and Lower working class to satisfy wealthy special interest groups’ greed. Their hatred and bile for America and her citizens has tainted their reporting so badly it makes their comments in the debate for liberty and freedom from international corporate oppression immaterial.

Jonathan Miller head of the Kentucky State Democratic Party and the Herald-Leader of Lexington Kentucky the state propaganda arm for the radical left-wing wasted no time unveiling the new Democratic Party mantra. They both indicate the radical left-wing is really moderate. If people like Ted Kennedy, Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, and in Kentucky Kathy Stein and Ernesto Scorsone are moderates, then George Washington was a criminal Right Wing Fascist Nazi Dictator.

They report diametrically opposed positions favoring “secure borders” but “we don’t want hate groups like the KKK to take over the Immigration Debate” while funding racist Mexican hate groups like La Raza, Mecha, La Voz Aztlan, La Reconquista, and all their subsidiaries that insist American citizens are trespassers in their own country that should be expelled or killed.

Mutually exclusive ideological concepts have been stock and trade of the radical left wing for some time. Peace in our time with appeasement; seal the borders but give amnesty to 30 million without enforcement; rehabilitate inherently evil criminals let them loose and we will be safe; bigger government is better government- more taxes drives economic prosperity; more illegal alien uneducated non English speakers will boost the economy-Americans can’t compete in the job market without a good education. It is impossible to figure out what the radical left-wing is really for but we know it is against democracy, rule of law and representative government.

That caveat about the KKK is a weak attempt to silence “We the People” who demand rule of law. “We the people” are too committed to saving our nation to be intimidated by that inference.

That won’t work anymore. There are 100’s of millions of Kentuckians and Americans suffering from criminal illegal alien invasion who want American laws enforced. They know “criminals” are not a race. It is not racist to hate crime and corruption especially by our elected officials. “We the People” will not let radical left-wing Marxists and corrupt political party’s using their mainstream media propaganda mouthpiece the Herald Leader define debate terms.

“We the People” know better and will not be intimidated by mindless accusations of racism. Anti American attacks on American Citizens who want their country back, borders sealed and security from terrorism will not stand down in this battle for American Sovereignty regardless of malicious attacks and innuendos the radical left-wing comes up with. We insist on locking up criminal elected officials who created sanctuary cities to aid and abet illegal alien invasion in violation of numerous felony criminal laws. They must be arrested and jailed to preserve rule of law in America and prevent anarchy.

Kentucky one of the most backward and corrupt states in the union is well on its way to maintaining that ignoble designation. The Democratic Party Propaganda arm is well represented by the Lexington Kentucky Herald-Leader a McClatchy Newspapers corporate subsidiary. They ignore Anti-American illegal alien racist hate filled vitriol.

They ignore hate groups when they fly the Mexican flag and scream for citizens to go back to Europe and Africa. They ignore it when hate groups wipe their rears with our flag or burn “Old Glory.” They ignore hate group death threats to gringos, Jews, blacks and whites. The hate groups do exist but they are not the insignificant KKK. They are strong, murderous in their intent Mexican hate groups and no one is attacking them.

The Herald-Leader is in lock step with the national Mexican hate group propaganda voice, La Voz De Aztlan. Their anti American, anti Jewish, Anti Black and anti White diatribes are relentless. They of course think “La Raza,” propaganda, the national hate and racist group that stands for “The Race” is perfectly acceptable for dissemination to the public.

Local Kentucky hate groups have penetrated not only Kentucky but every state in the Union. Hate groups like La Voz De Kentucky and Freddy Peralta’s Kentucky Coalition for “Immigrant and Refugee Rights,” are in effect anti American racist groups designed to destroy our nation. They are associated with national hate groups that have spread their tentacles into every American small town. They: don’t disguise their intent; want open borders and the North American Union and want destruction of American Sovereignty.

Kentucky and other corrupt southern states have become a haven and sanctuary for illegal activity because there is no rule of law. Wealthy special interest groups have maintained control over local political processes since before the civil war. The mostly democratic party stranglehold on southern state and local governments has caused the South to languish in poverty, crime, lack of: education, health care and economic opportunity since the supposed end of slavery.

Today Kentuckian citizens are faced with further erosion of rule of law and constitutionally guaranteed representative government. Illegal alien invasion with all of its attendant corruption, graft, criminal conspiracy, criminal human trafficking and criminal drug trafficking has infected every level of Kentucky state and local government just as it has most southern states.

Illegal alien invasion is not a victim less crime as evidenced by the 43,000 American deaths at hands of illegal aliens since 9-11, or trillions of dollars stolen from American Citizens through identity theft and benefit fraud. There was a tremendous major shift in crime after the first wave of illegal alien invasion that was never reduced.

Southern state government traditions of Aristocracy Plantation Political control mentality must end and be replaced with a true democratic republican form of governance as guaranteed by our constitution. America, the South, Kentucky, and its local governments can no longer afford to be enslaved by an archaic plutocratic system of rule by the wealthy.

We must enact strong legislation that provides immediate and severe penalties for those wealthy elites who rule by secrecy in the back rooms of government. We must end injustice of a judicial and enforcement system that permits felony criminal acts by illegal aliens to be forgiven by county attorneys so “they don’t have the crime on their record.” as Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts reported to the Lexington Kentucky sham “Immigration Committee.”
The South will never be successful in anyway until it treats its citizens with dignity and equal justice for all under even handed application of rule of law. The South must end support of widespread criminal activity making all Kentuckians and southerners, victims of endless criminal invasion of illegal aliens to satiate wealthy special interest group inexhaustible greed.

Kentucky and other southern legislators must demonstrate the same courage that Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Bunning did in Congress. They both voted against their corrupt president, the radical left wing, the Anti-American Amnesty legislation and responded to will of the American People who vehemently oppose illegal alien invasion and criminal employers who hire them.

They for once voted against powerful moneyed plantation special interest groups and represented their constituency. They ignored anti-American radical left-wing mainstream media propaganda mills like the Lexington Herald-Leader and complied with their oath of office.

This is not a battle over “immigrant refugee rights” or benefits for “residents” two euphemistic terms used by radical left-wing Marxist Anti American open borders crowds. This is a battle for the very sovereignty of America, preservation of our Republic. These are not “immigrant refugees,” they are criminal foreign nationals in America illegally. They are criminal foreign nationals brought here and supported by our corrupt government, and in Kentucky the corrupt Democratic party. Illegal alien invaders and those who hire aid and abet them are criminals in every sense of the word.

Sadly Kentucky and other southern states are not following the lead of many progressive states like Oklahoma that passed legislation to assure constitutional guarantees for their citizens. The Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Security and Protection Act (HB 1804) became a model for other progressive states who want to protect their working class and poor citizens from illegal alien invasion and America’s destruction.

That legislation represents a future free of the plantation and slave mentality of the past. Kentucky and other southern states like North Carolina, home of left wing Lindsey Graham can either start looking forward under rule of law or it can fall further behind as it emphasizes slavery for its working people.

This is time for Kentucky and all southern lawmakers to stand up for citizens they represent, citizens, our state and federal constitutions, demand they represent and comply with their oaths of office.

The American South can no longer afford to be ruled by a few wealthy horse farmers, plantation owners and others who demand cheap slave labor on their plantations so super wealthy billionaires can die a little richer while everyone else lives and dies in poverty, in a self perpetuating uneducated underclass of citizens, dependent on government for their very existence.

Let my people go. Set us free. We must break the chains of the past. End the slavery mentality; protect the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the south. Pass legislation at least as good as Oklahoma’s House Bill 1804 that was passed overwhelmingly in Oklahoma.

Kentucky and all southern state lawmakers must demonstrate the courage to once in their life ignore party politics, stand up and face special interest groups and do what they know is right for Kentucky and southern citizens. We have a chance to become better states and you legislators can do it.

Don’t be a party to the continuing debacle of corrupt governance and party politics that makes Kentucky and all southerners laughing stock of late night talk show hosts. Have you no pride, conscience, courage, and loyalty or duty to your state and nation?

Pass the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act in Kentucky and all over the south. Let others know we are a region and state of laws and not of wealthy old white men who think you legislators are no better than house slaves. President George Bush said:

•week of 9/11/01 “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

So which is it? Folks it is time for a change. You must know results of Kentucky polls and polls all over the south and the nation taken during the 2006 elections. Go to for results. The Kentucky 4th district house race f reflected results of national polls. Those polls’ results are still valid. You must listen to “We the People” or risk the consequences. Every recent poll taken indicates at least 70 to 80% of the voters want illegal aliens to go home and they want more enforcement. Are you going to violate American Voters’ trust?

The Herald-Leader, McClatchy newspapers and most mainstream media have become irrelevant and lost all credibility in this debate. No one listens to them anymore. You the state and federal legislators must listen to your constituency and pass credible legislation that lets everyone know we will not tolerate violation of our constitution and rule of law anymore. Let special interest groups know they no longer rule America.

The most recent Lexington Herald-Leader, McClatchy newspapers Anti American tirade and rant follows: This is no different than most mainstream media that put non news prejudiced editorial rants on the front page and try to make it pass for news.

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