Homeland Security Conducting Illegal Searches at Ferry Checkpoint

Jones Report

Homeland Security officials in Galveston, Texas were caught on tape doing random vehicle searches on ordinary Americans at a ferry checkpoint.

Filmmaker Alex Jones videotaped a number of individuals undergoing searches and was himself searched on two occasions– including once for ‘asking questions.’

While terrorism worries have been based on fear of Muslim individuals, Jones says Muslims waiting for the ferry were not searched while many other people were. Thus, Homeland Security was ignoring its own popular pretext for a ‘War on Terror’ and instead just senselessly violating the 4th amendment to the Constitution.

Jones believes officials looked under hoods and entered RVs and vehicles were not actually concerned about terroristic threats, but merely conditioning Americans to accept checkpoints and unconstitutional searches.

One official admitted to Jones that he ‘knew the searches were a joke’ and that he wasn’t ‘allowed’ to search Muslim and Arab people who might fit the profile of a terrorist and believed the activity was “pointless.”


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