NORTHCOM: NAU Martial Law Appartus By 2020

Lee Rogers

The commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM General Victor E. Renaurt recently made public a 10 page document called Vision 2020 which outlines strategic goals for both NORAD and USNORTHCOM leading up to the year 2020. The document advocates strengthening relations with Canada Command, developing a closer relationship with Mexico’s armed forces and establishing an effective continental defense against assorted threats. The focus of the Vision 2020 document is on protecting the continental perimeter of North America and not the United States. Even more disturbing is that the document also outlines goals to provide timely and effective support for civil authorities in the wake of catastrophic events through the integration of USNORTHCOM’s resources. Essentially, they are envisioning the role of USNORTHCOM by 2020 to serve as a North American martial law apparatus that will have operational integration with current civil and military authorities in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

One of the vision statements of the Vision 2020 document states the following.

We must constantly challenge “the way it is” in favor of “the way it ought to be.” As we look to the year 2020, we ensure success by creating, refining and transforming our operations as necessary to achieve unity of effort and unity of results. Innovation is key, as we continually reevaluate our processes, procedures and organizations, ensuring all efforts lead effectively to the best possible defense and security of our homelands. Our charter is clear—we must actively seek and aggressively advocate solutions that serve the best collective interests of national security and continental defense.

Why do they talk about continental defense? This question is answered later in the document when it lists the partners that NORAD and USNORTHCOM hopes to rely upon in the future. The next two paragraphs are taken from the document describing the partners that NORAD and USNORTHCOM hope to work with.

Our Commands fully rely on the relationships we maintain with partners in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the many government and non-government agencies who are stakeholders in continental defense, security and civil support. We are united in purpose to provide increased security and defense of North America.

We will leverage the experience, expertise and capabilities of all potential partners, incorporating these into our plans, training, exercises and operations. Whether operating in a supported or supporting role, the forces employed for homeland defense or civil support must be able to team with every government, service and agency that provides capabilities which contribute to homeland and continental defense, security and support operations.

They admit that they will maintain relationships with partners in Canada, Mexico and the United States as well as government and non-government agencies with a stake in continental defense. They make it quite clear that they want to be working with institutions in all three countries government or private to work towards this goal of increased security for North America. Essentially this means that USNORTHCOM and NORAD will seek to work with the military industrial complex that exists in all three countries in both the public and private sectors. If this push for a continental defense perimeter is finally implemented, the sovereignty of all three countries will be eroded and more money will find their way into the hands of private military contractors.

Under stated goals for USNORTHCOM, the document states the following which describes how USNORTHCOM will provide timely and effective civil support.

USNORTHCOM has a second core mission responsibility to support civil authorities by providing specialized skills and assets to rapidly stabilize and improve the situation in the wake of catastrophic events. At the direction of the President or Secretary of Defense, USNORTHCOM provides this support as part of a comprehensive national response to manage the consequences of an attack or a disaster. When civilian responders request assistance, we will anticipate being directed to provide our support and unique capabilities. Our ability to rapidly respond with the full range of military capabilities can be critical in saving lives; protecting critical infrastructure, property and the environment; containing the event; and preserving national security.

Even more disturbing is that they plan on participating in future national level civil support exercises like TOPOFF-4 & Vigilant Shield 08. They also plan on providing command and control of military forces in large interagency operations as well as integrating military capabilities with civil authorities. They also plan on standardizing operational concepts in civil support operations as is described in the next paragraph under how USNORTHCOM will provide timely and effective civil support.

Prior planning and anticipating the types of requests that may arise in order to posture the appropriate military capabilities is critical for a timely response. Our support planning recognizes the possibility of multiple, simultaneous incidents in the homeland and the imperative to be prepared to support civilian responders in mass-casualty events. We will continue to participate in national level civil support exercises, integrating all military capabilities and will provide command and control of federal military forces in large complex interagency operations. Along with others in the Department of Defense, we will work with government agencies and relevant stakeholders to increase their capacities and capabilities and the ability to work together. We will leverage our strengths and expertise in such areas as planning, training and command and control in support of our interagency partners. Effective civil support operations also require standardizing operational concepts, establishing rapid assessment capabilities, employing a common operating picture, developing compatible technology solutions, and coordinating planning efforts.

Military support of civilian authorities, integrating with civilian authorities and standardizing operational concepts in regards to joint operations working with civilian authorities is a description for a martial law apparatus. Clearly the goal of USNORTHCOM according to Vision 2020 is to have the capabilities of a militarized internal police force combined with civilian and military authorities in Canada, Mexico and the United States that will enable them to enforce martial law. We are essentially looking at USNORTHCOM outlining a goal to be the command and control foundation of a militarized police state within a regional North American Union government.

The stated goals of the Vision 2020 document, raises many questions on what USNORTHCOM’s true purpose is. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military from enforcing law within the U.S. and the stated goals of Vision 2020 appear not to take that law into consideration. In fact the very existence of USNORTHCOM should be questioned as it pertains to that law. In addition, the Constitutionality of our military working with government and non-government agencies in Mexico and Canada should also be questioned. This holds especially true since the last goal of USNORTHCOM according to the Vision 2020 document advocates developing closer relations with Mexico’s military. Considering how corrupt Mexico’s government is, why would one of USNORTHCOM’s stated goals include working closer with this government’s armed forces unless there are secret deals being made behind closed doors?

Considering the secrecy behind the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the Council on Foreign Relations stated goal of a North American Community by 2010, the rampant illegal immigration coming into the U.S. from Mexico and the lack of U.S. border security between Canada and Mexico the possibility of North American integration into a North American Union cannot be considered a conspiracy theory. Vision 2020 outlines goals for a common martial law apparatus and a continental defense perimeter for all three countries. This document certainly raises many questions about the goal of NORAD and USNORTHCOM as well as the possibility of a North American Union ruled by an iron fist.

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