Israeli Connected SITE Institute Hypes Dead Grecian Formula Terrorist

Kurt Nimmo
Sunday September 9, 2007

In an effort to explain away the glaring discrepancy between the 2004 and the 2007 Osamas, Rita Katz, director of the SITE Institute, tells us “bin Laden’s beard appears to have been dyed, a popular practice among Arab leaders,” and if that is not absurd enough, Anne Giudicelli, a former French diplomat specializing in the Middle East who now runs the Paris-based consultancy Terrorisc, adds “bin Laden is well aware that his reappearance on the world stage—looking fit and with his beard dyed a youthful black—was itself a victory that went beyond anything he actually said” in his latest video. As for the message, the AP informs us it “is a hodgepodge of anti-capitalist vitriol, impassioned Islamic evangelism and what can best be described as a twisted attempt at reconciliation: Join us, or we’ll kill you.” Of course, it is not explained how a dead nemesis will kill us, a few million infidels.

Indeed, it is a victory, considering the prognosis of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical correspondent, who declared back in early 2003: “You can look [at pictures from a December 2001 video] and notice that he has what some doctors refer to as sort of a frosting over of his features—his sort of grayness of beard, his paleness of skin, very gaunt sort of features. A lot of times people associate this with chronic illness. Doctors can certainly look at that and determine some clinical features…. The sort of frosting of the appearance is something that people a lot of times associate with chronic kidney failure, renal failure, certainly someone who is requiring dialysis would have that.”

Of course, by the time Gupta had made his prognosis, the CIA asset bin Laden was dead and buried, as patients with chronic kidney failure do not fare well in the Afghan outback without a kidney dialysis machine, unless we are to believe Osama’s helpers ferried one in, or maybe the ISI did by way of the CIA’s Air America transport.

Naturally, we can dismiss the latest Osama video as yet another weak and transparent effort to keep Osama and “al-Qaeda” front and center, especially as the anniversary of September 11, 2001, looms. However, the purveyors of this latest sham, the SITE Institute, of are more interest, not that we can expect the corporate media to do a background check.

SITE, described as “a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that provides information related to terrorist networks to the government, news media, and general public,” has a rather suspicious history. “The listed staff consists of two individuals, and the website seems to be an aggregator of publicly-available data on the internet, mostly consisting of current news items,” notes the SourceWatch wiki. SITE’s “Terrorism Library, on cursory investigation, looks to be a straight data scrape from the U.S. Department of State’s Patterns of Global Terrorism – 2003, Appendix B.”


Not surprisingly, SITE is connected to Israeli intelligence. “Rita Katz is Director and co-founder of the SITE Institute. Born in Iraq, her father was tried and executed as an Israeli spy, whereupon her family moved to Israel [the move has been described as both an escape and immigration in different sources]. She received a degree from the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University, and is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. She emigrated to the US in 1997.” Katz’s partner, Josh Devon, is less colorful. “Devon is Senior Analyst and co-founder of the SITE Institute. He has a BA from University of Pennsylvania (English) and a BS from Wharton College (Economics). Devon is currently attending the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University with the intentions of receiving an International Studies Degree with a focus on the Middle East,” that is to say a globalist perspective on the Middle East. According to this article, SAIS is a CFR cover. “CFR member Zbigniew Brzezinski is SAIS Robert E. Osgood Professor of American Foreign Policy…. CFR member Paul Wolfowitz, Ph.D. is SAIS Chairman and Dean.” As well, SAIS appears to be connected to the American Enterprise Institute, where the neocons get their criminal minds.

As Marc Parent writes on his blog, since “the Mossad asset MEMRI has been discredited by its phony transcripts of alleged ‘al-CIA-duh’ recordings, there now appears a group that is doing translations called SITE. SITE is credited with the transcripts behind the latest video of BL. Has any independent organization translated the recent BL video or will we be forced to rely on SITE?” Good question, but not one that will be asked by Fox News or CNN. “It was telling that CNN, when airing the latest video from BL, never mentioned once who performed the translation…. Guess they didn’t want to get into sticky details, like the one that the head of SITE, Rita Katz’s father, was executed for being an Israeli spy. Or that Katz has been receiving money from the FBI…. And that Bin Laden. The last time he appeared, the Republicans were needing help in the 2004 presidential elections…. Now he appears just as the Republicans are needing help in continuing the war against Iraq and selling the next war against Iran. Boy oh boy, is that BL clever or what?”

He sure is—for a dead guy.

Finally, it appears Osama has a new agenda, as the Evil One “made no overt threats of new attacks in the video released Friday. In fact, he seemed more concerned with lecturing on the evils of capitalism and the dangers of global warming, and even making reference to the sub-prime mortgage crisis roiling the United States,” according to the Associated Press.

It would seem Osama is following the globalist script, as he warns about “the dangers of global warming,” same as David Mayer de Rothschild, head of Adventure Ecology, and son of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, described as “a British financier,” but more accurately described as a member of an international banking cartel responsible for untold misery and suffering around the world. But then the Bush clan was doing business with the Bin Laden family prior to September 11, 2001, a fact never mentioned by the corporate media, same as they never mention the undisputed fact the Bush family made its millions trading with the Nazis.

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