Huckabee Confronted on CFR Ties by We Are Change

Jones Report

Dispite the control rhetoric about tolerating those who ‘disagree,’ Huckabee was the one who first aired his policy ties with the CFR, including its president Richard Haass. Huckabee has further discussed this issue with cameras on the campaign trail, where he called Haass an “old friend” and stated that the CFR has “a lot of very good people involved.”

Naturally, Huckabee prefers more to bring his friend Chuck Norris– using his celebrity to joke his way out of the situation…

Of course, it is nice that Huckabee decided not to go with his (apparent) first instinct to “take the heckler out back and shoot him.”

Huckabee has also stated that he turns to Frank Gaffney for policy decisions. Among other ideas advocated by Gaffney is that of “homogenizing the United States and its sovereignty with the very different systems existing today in Canada and Mexico.”

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