Rudy Giuliani will Convert America into a Police State

Debt Prison
December 31, 2007

Rudy Giuliani’s authoritarian leadership style is ideal for continuing our government’s assault against personal liberties. Between Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional Bills, our government is ramping up it’s surveillance on U.S. citizen’s. Big Brother has developed a voracious appetite for information gathered on its tax payers and continues to implement new ways of accomplishing this invasion to our privacy. Just this week CNN aired a story on the Justice Department’s tracking of U.S. citizens through their cell phones, even when the phones are turned off. Judges are giving the Department the go-ahead even if a crime does not appear to be eminent. The details for this process are kept quiet and the discretion for who qualifies as a trackee is left up to law enforcement.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, law enforcement in New Orleans went door to door confiscating the guns of law abiding citizens. What worse conditions could you possibly envision for needing to protect your personal property and life – than the aftermath of that storm in a crime ridden city? These actions seem like the perfect policies for ‘law and order’ candidate Rudy Giuliani. His own words indict him; “Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want….Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority.” Giuliani made the statement in 1994 just before becoming Mayor. This sounds like the anthem for Kim Jong il of North Korea in his defense of an Authoritarian regime. Who get’s to decide the extent and meaning of lawful authority? Why Mr. Authority himself…..Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

It is the duty of all people to question the authority by which they are ruled. Where would America be today if the Founding Fathers hadn’t questioned the lawful authority of our ruling British King? What if Martin Luther King hadn’t questioned the lawful authority of Southern Laws written to deny the Black Community equal rights? As Mayor of New York Giuliani kept gun laws tight, making it nearly impossible to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Sure crime and murder rates went down while Rudy was Mayor. However, does anyone actually think that citizens applying for gun permits were the one’s committing violent crimes? Giuliani supports bans on “assault weapons” of which any semi-automatic could be classifed. He also supports all citizens be required to have a license to carry a gun (comparing it to getting a driver’s license). I can only imagine how Rudy hopes the Supreme Court will rule this Spring on whether hand guns will be allowed in Washington D.C..

Rudy is the preferred candidate for the Police State. Giuliani believes that by violating the liberty of law abiding citizens, you guarantee additional security and safety. American’s should flee from this ridiculous ideology. I’m never surprised by a Democrat’s belief that confiscating tax payer dollars for social programs is a noble cause. But when conservatives begin embracing the idea that law abiding citizens should be monitored for ‘their own safety,’ I know the future of our country is dim. Too many times I’ve heard conservatives state “I don’t care if the government monitors my phone calls; I’ve got nothing to hide!” When Guliani gets through it won’t matter, you can’t do much harm to society when all you’re allowed is a pre-Civil War musket.

This concept of preemptive strikes became popular along with the legislation of ‘preemptive surveillance.’ The government is putting together an entire system of information gathering and surveillance, designed to prevent crimes before they happen. Law abiding citizens should never have to relinquish liberty because of the actions of criminals. Our government has capitalized on our nation’s state of fear following the tragedies of 9/11. Congress justifies its actions, advertising that citizens sacrifice their liberty, to ensure that another plane isn’t hi-jacked. The institution that can best grip security is the individual private citizen.

Take an objective look at the changes implemented since 9/11. Airport security micromanages the contents of your bags while you remove clothes for shoe bomb inspections. Would any of these new laws and regulations have prevented 9/11? I sincerely doubt it. If anything, couldn’t the government have denied citizenship and entry to individuals from Muslim countries? This would have prevented the tragedy on a cool September morning, while at the same time upheld the liberties of our citizens. So we must suffer for political correctness and the ever increasing Police State. If anything, Rudy Giuliani will increase these violations of liberty and the appetitie of Federal Power over its citizens. Rudy should be rejected out right for these reasons alone.

Reason Magazine has Giuliani on the cover this month with the title “The Liberal Candidate.” Is the ex-Mayor the best that the Republican Party has to offer? If so, then Conservatives are in trouble. He combines the worst traits from both Conservatives and Liberals. Gun laws will be tightened and the surveillance powers of the Federal Government increased. In addition, Giuliani would open new doors for homosexual interests while massaging the Supreme Court with a Justice whom wouldn’t disturb women’s civil rights offered by Roe vs. Wade.

Rudy Giuliani. The Mayor of New York who put citizens in jail for washing windshields. These people would step out into the traffic, wash your windshield, and then demand you pay them. The horror….these panhandlers! Giuliani, Mr. Law and Order, put a stop to this horrific act of criminal behavior. At the same time, Giuliani supports the power of the Government to confiscate tax dollars from unwilling citizens, and pay for Doctors to cut live infants from the wombs of their mothers. Conservatives have got to love a man like that.

I’ve heard the conservative voices cry “you must have safety before you have liberty.” Where did these people come from? When did conservatives decide that an individual’s security was best protected by Big Brother? There are frightening circumstances worst than 9/11. An entire nation existing, working, and monitored for the enjoyment of rich elitists – that is my nightmare.

It’s obvious that our ever increasing Police State has nothing to do with security and safety. These programs are promoted and installed to steal your liberty and enhance the powers of the Federal Government. Want proof? While the government has ramped up it’s policing of citizens – non citizens cross our borders unprohibited. Latin, Middle Eastern, and even Chinese immigrants cross into our country illegally with each passing day. The Federal Government not only ignores it, but encourages it. Our “News” media supports these crimes as well, with constant sympathetic stories on the hardships of immigrants. Stories designed to tug on the strings of your heart – not the logic of your intellect. By ignoring our own immigration laws and creating a ‘come on down’ atmosphere, we allow Islamic fundamentalists to flank us. And how does Rudy Giuliani proclaim to solve this issue? “Illegal who?…..let’s invade Iran!!!!” This is the country where 15 of the 19 hi-jackers didn’t come from. If the government was serious about security, wouldn’t it correct undocumented immigrants before sacrificing liberty was even discussed?

The fact is, as human beings, we must accept that life is dangerous. Absolute security is impossible. The degree to which we ask Government Powers to assume security should be kept in check. With each new level of responsibility the Federal Government assumes, the liberty of individual citizens must be sacrificed. It’s a simple question. In the United States of America – where do the citizens want the power to be centered? The responsibilities of security, safety, and power should be embraced by individual private citizens as much as possible. Individuals can best navigate their way to liberty and safety.

By placing the responsibility on private citizens and companies, we’re better able to guarantee our security, not only from foreign fundamentalists – but also from a government which strives to obtain Authoritarian control over its populace.

Rudy Giuliani would further the powers of the Police State. This is not good for conservatives, nor any other American. As such, Giuliani should be exposed for what he is. A power hungry Authoritarian devoted to forcing his estranged ideology onto the citizens of this country. By increasing the Authoritarian powers of our Federal Government, he strives to undermine the tiny fraction of individual liberty that remains in our hearts and minds. For this reason he is rejected.


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