Trans-Texas Corridor to Pave over Branch Dividans Rebuilt Church

Stu Nelson

Lets go back in time to February 28, 1993. We watch on the TV news as agents from the BATF storm a building somewhere outside Waco Texas. We hear that 4 BATF agents are killed. The news tells us all these people are religious gun freak fanatics whose leader is a child molester. Is that an accurate summation?

Well, for those of us in Texas, we have largely considered the best view of Waco was in the rear view mirror. Waco was a city you drove thru to get somewhere else. And, we had certainly never even heard of “those Branch people” before. Most of us did not really know what to make of this standoff outside Waco. The FBI, BATF, DPS, etc. ran pretty good propaganda…for a while.

This map shows the Branch Davidian property (in light red) off of Double EE Ranch road and the rebuilt Davidian church itself (circled in red) directly under the planned route of the Trans-Texas Corridor (the diagonal dotted line.

Now let’s remember April 19, 1993. This day was the 217th anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolution. Carol Moore points out in her book “The Davidian Massacre” that in 1775 a British expedition raided a Minuteman weapons stockpiles in Concord Massachusetts resulting in the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

That day, April 19, 1993 we were stunned to see tanks smashing into the side of those familiar walls. Tanks spraying nerve gas inside. Tanks used on a community of Americans. Then the fire started and everyone watching collectively said “Oh My God”. The fire was blamed on the Davidians. Another collective word came out from all across America that starts with bull.

As the pictures come out of the aftermath, we see government agents grabbing “souvenirs”, proudly having pictures taken and acting as though they had just won the Battle of the Bulge or Iwo Jima. Then researchers and film makers reveal the horror of “the truth” of the Waco Massacre. Video footage reveals snipers shooting Davidians escaping the fire. We find out about the gassing of women and children in the storm shelter. Later a sham trial in San Antonio for 9 survivors. Sent to prison for surviving something that is suppose to happen in Bosnia or Soviet Union or some distant African country run by war lords but NEVER, NEVER in America. We that love liberty and actually understand WHAT that is have said collectively…”NEVER AGAIN” “Remember Waco”. This should be the “new collectivism”.

Well, the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) has its pavement rolling right over the top of the property called “Mt Carmel”. We have the actual map route through Waco. We have since gotten copies, though McClendon county (Waco) claims they “no longer have them”. We thought there was a moratorium of 2 yrs on the TTC. Well, as of Wednesday, 7-11-07, surveyors are out in force doing their job just outside the Davidian property.

The TTC route actually passes directly over the memorial church built there by volunteers over 7 months. Alex Jones, Mike Hanson and George Pullium put the call out and together literally hundreds of volunteer from many states and foreign countries answered the call to do something to honor the murdered at Mt Carmel.

Body parts from the 9-11 government sponsored attack are being found in lower Manhattan as you know. Paving roads with the remains of those that were murdered on 9-11. Now, the darkness continues with the TTC and the road going right over the crime scene at Mt Carmel. Psalm 94


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  1. the map is gone not showing up

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