Giuliani’s Neocon Advisor Smears Ron Paul On Daily Show

Steve Watson

“Ron Paul is one of these people,unfortunately in a time of trouble people turn to some often pretty awful answers, and he is absolutely an example of that.” Spewed arch necon David Frum on last night’s Daily Show.

“He is one of those people that the more you learn about him the more disturbing a personality he becomes.” Frum continued.

Of course Frum would say that because he knows how much of a threat Ron Paul’s message of limited government, individual liberty and a humble foreign policy is to the neoconservative killing machine he is an ingrained part of.

Frum, a former speech writer for George W Bush, is the guy who coined the term “axis of evil”. He co authored a book with the PNAC member and “Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle, titled An End to Evil, which defended the invasion of Iraq, called for regime change in Iran and Syria, as well as advocating tougher policies with Saudi Arabia and many other middle eastern states and North Korea as part of the “war on terror”.


Frum is also a member of the American Enterprise Institute, the neocon cess pool founded by Irving Kristol, that became one of the leading architects of the Bush administration’s public policy. Other members include Paul Wolfowitz, Lynne Cheney, John R. Bolton, Richard Perle (again), Newt Gingrich and testicle crushing advocate John Yoo.

So you see it really wouldn’t do for this guy to let any reference to Ron Paul pass without smearing his name, albeit once again with no actual substance whatsoever.

You want more of this guy policies to be enacted by your government? If so vote Giuliani.

Watch as Jon Stewart and audience laugh at Frum’s negative comments towards Ron Paul. Link to video.


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