Ron Paul v0tes get pwned by h4x0r’s… ?

Amy de Miceli

Not even twenty four hours passed before reports of fraud surfaced in New Hampshire, it began in the town of Sutton. Initially the reports released said that no one voted for Ron Paul in that town, but a woman claiming to be from Sutton commented online that she and her family all voted for Ron Paul in Sutton. That was enough for Bev Harris of to jump into action, she contacted the Town Clerk for Sutton and Jennifer Call confirmed the fraud. The zero tally was in fact a mistake, and Ron Paul actually received 31 votes. They omitted eight percent of the votes in that town, and called it an accident…whoops sorry.. and the main stream media quietly updated their charts never reporting the story. But this cannot be glossed over as a “human error,” this is fraud and Bev Harris highlights how deceitful it really is,”…one of the most common forms of fraud in a hand count system is to alter or omit results on the reporting sheet. Hand count is lovely, transparent. They then fill out another reconciliation sheet, often in front of witnesses, and it looks fine. Then they provide a summary or media sheet with the incorrect results.”

So far nothing has been updated for the town of Greenville. The Boston Globe reports 139 voters, and CNN reports 144 votes, both are reporting zero votes for Ron Paul, but the Nashua Telegraph is reporting a very different story in Greenville tallying 290 votes they report 25 votes for Ron Paul. In Greenville they used electronic “vote flipping” machines so perhaps not another human error, but possible malicious intent. Out of the 17 towns that originally reported no votes for Ron Paul, two have been changed, but how many more towns have erased our votes, or updated their numbers without anyone noticing? We must find out.

It is illegal and whoops is not an acceptable answer, after the 2004 elections, Ohio was under the microscope and people were convicted of illegally rigging the 2004 recount. These types of “careless mistakes” are likely to follow Ron Paul throughout the primaries. Our fair elections are filled with fraud and we know it, to ignore it would not be revolutionary. Ron Paul has done best when his supporters step up and lead the campaign, today the message from his supporters is for Ron Paul to demand an official recount. We are willing to be activists, we have given our time and money and now we need a leader to attack this injustice properly.


One response to “Ron Paul v0tes get pwned by h4x0r’s… ?

  1. Never, in 150 years of primary polling has EVERY SINGLE POLL been wrong. And if you believe the MSM’s “Ohhhhh, we’re so dumb, we don’t know HOW we could have been so wrong” act, I’ve got some land you can send me the money for. No, you don’t need to see the property, just trust me like you do the Main Stream Media.

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