It’s the Dollar, Stupid

Kurt Nimmo

For the sixth day in a row, the price of gold has skyrocketed. On Monday, the precious metal climbed to a 30-year high as fiat paper money values tumbled. Gold for immediate delivery rose as much as 0.3 percent to an all-time high $1,300.15 an ounce.

“There is a net devaluing of currencies,” James Moore, an analyst at in London. told Bloomberg this morning. Gold gained as Ireland prepares to bail out Anglo Irish Bank Corp. and speculation other European banks lack adequate capital.

The dollar fell after Ben Bernanke announced the Federal Reserve is prepared to launch a new round of quantitative easing by buying millions of dollars of bonds.

The Federal Open Market Committee’s September 21 statement said it “will continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and is prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery.” Quantitative easing is a term used when the Fed increases the size of the money supply and floods financial institutions with capital in order to promote increased lending and liquidity.

It should be noted that the Fed used quantitative easing during the first Great Depression. The Fed began to purchase securities in the open market in April of 1933 and eventually shifted to the Treasury and the White House through gold purchases. On August 28, 1933, Roosevelt moved to confiscate all gold held by citizens.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. said there is a 75 percent chance that the Fed will start another round of “asset purchases” before the end of this year to boost the economy, supporting Treasury bond prices, according to Bloomberg.

However, as Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster noted earlier this month, the Fed effort is doomed to fail in a spectacular way. “What the Fed has been approaching since June is a ‘liquidity trap.’ That is when loans are offered to business and they refuse to borrow. They stop using credit because they question the future of the economy, their government and the specter of new taxes in the future. Money and credit is available, but few want to assume the risks to borrow,” writes Chapman.

Instead of rushing into government created paper assets, investors are buying gold and silver. “This market is the exact opposite of the gold and silver markets, which are in an 11-year bull market. The metals separated from the dollar 15 months ago and they have already won the battle of the world’s only real currency. Gold has gained 15% a year for those last 7 years. This is a secular bull market and cannot be denied. Further, gold has appreciated annually against every currency,” writes Chapman.

Central banks around the world have moved into gold, a trend that began in the 1980s. India, China, Russia, and other nations have increased their gold reserves as fiat currencies hit the skids and the Greatest Depression picks up steam.

The continued gold rush and the remarkable rise in prices of both gold and silver represent a bellwether for the demise of the dollar. The decline of the dollar means millions of Americans will suffer a huge loss of purchasing power and a sharp decline in living standards. In fact, this process is now already well underway as unemployment rises and the middle class shrinks in size.

It is not the vagaries of the stock market or inept government economic policy that has ushered in the Greatest Depression.

The Federal Reserve is not run by clueless government bureaucrats. It is a subsidiary of the bankster cartel and federal only in name.

The Greatest Depression now underway is an engineered event. The destruction of the dollar, the increase in the fiat money supply that will create merciless inflation, and the slow withering away of the middle class — all of this is part of the plan to remake the world as the globalists see it.

If the Greatest Depression is allowed to continue unabated — and it looks like it will — billions of people will be reduced to serfdom under a global government scheme cooked up by the elite.

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